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Here is a video project I've been wanting to do for a while. Here is the ultra rare:
Journey - Only Solutions (Rare Extended 12" Version)
This is not the version on the Tron Original Soundtrack LP, but the version used in the movie.... you have to listen closely. You won't hear this anywhere else...Enjoy!
There are two versions, each one is tweaked out with different clips added.

Journey's rare "Only Solutions" long version that is 5:38 minutes in length. It was available in the UK and Netherlands 12" Extended Maxi Single on vinyl only of Separate Ways (World's Apart).

For the 35th Anniversary of Disney's TRON, NERDS LIKE US brings you this special midnight screening series that takes over the lovely Vista Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The Vista Theatre is one of the last remaining single-screen art-house theatres in the city.  Sajtron has gone to all the special screenings held in LA and brings you this video coverage with some movie highlights.....End Of Line

This is a dream come true, a photo with both Tron directors....
Tron Legacy "Joe Kosinski" and the original Tron "Steven Lisberger".

Photo with Tron director Steven Lisberger....what an honor!!
Photo of David Warner....the ultimate villain as "Sark" and "Ed Dillinger" in the movie Tron.
He told me something very interesting. He said he has never seen the movie Tron after it was filmed. I was shocked! I later googled this and it seems like a lot of actors don't watch their own films. He said he's never seen any of his films! 
I'm glad I got to meet David Warner as he sadly passed away in July 2022, he will be missed!

Hanging out with Spencer Kushner and his sister Alwyn. Spencer is the son of Donald Kushner...the Producer of Tron and executive producer of Tron Legacy! Respects! Spencer and I worked together for many years at the Ivar Nightclub in Hollywood. After Tron Legacy came out they bought the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood!

Some have asked me about my Tron arcade here it is.

Tron 70mm Screening @ Aero Theatre with Director Steven Lisberger - March 5th 2011

Tron Legacy US World Premiere & After-Party @ El Capitan Theatre Hollywood

SajTron Inside The Tron Grid!

SajTron making his appearance at the End Of Line Club inside Flynn's Arcade at Comic-Con 2010!!

The Making Of Tron Legacy

The Key of Awesome! : TRON GIRL! Key of Awesome #25

The 1982 Tron Holiday Special

TRON: Legacy - "Derezzed" Music Video by Daft Punk

Tron Legacy - Projection Mapping - London Southbank

Tron Legacy Premiere After Party - Tate Modern London

Tron Legacy After Party - Tate Modern London Great music in the background!

Tron Legacy Movie After Party - Space People - Tate Modern London

Tron Legacy Premiere - Afterparty - Kodak Theatre Ballroom Hollywood
This short clip is loud & distorted, bring volume down.

Original Tron - Modern Trailer

Tron Reboot : Episode 01

Tron Reboot : Episode 02

Tron Reboot : Episode 03

Tron Reboot : Episode 05

TR2N This was the original video that someone leaked out from Comic Con 2008 that went viral and made all Tron fans go nuts! The video later got taken down by Disney, but this one still remains.

This is the the Tron 2.0 video that went viral in it's full resolution with the Tron Legacy logo at the end.

Great video! Feels like your back at the arcade in 82'!!

In 2003 Tron 2.0 was released. I lived in Hollywood at the time and there was a huge wall spray painted doing some cool guerrilla marketing like they always do in LA. Thought I would post this old photo before it gets lost.

"Tron HD" was created in Microsfot .NET with the XNA framework. The full game is about 4000 lines of C#. It's written from scratch, utilizing no plug-ins or existing game engines.
The program was designed by capturing output from MAME running the original arcade software, then analyzing it frame-by-frame to reverse engineer the game logic. Adjustments were made to double the framerate of the gameplay, and the graphics were upressed from 480x512 to 1200x1600--the native resolution of the UXGA LCD display panel in the cabinet.
"Tron HD" is an ever-evolving project. About once a year the code is tinkered with and a new Easter egg or a new power up to the higher levels of the game is added. In the future an integration of a Discs of Tron clone into the game as well.
There are no plans to ever release the software publicly. "Tron HD" will only ever be playable on this specific Tron machine in Jarrett Heather's home arcade.
This site has been long gone, but it still can be found on the Wayback Machine.....

Tron Jeremy - Porn King

Game-On Playboy Tron Cyber Photoshoot

Check out the write up of an upcoming arcade game called "Tron" coming out in July 1982!!
Starts on page 130.

Here is a great find from January 1983 British edition of Electronics Today International Magazine. Enjoy!

"The Encom 511 computer. Center of the most calculating intelligence on Earth.  Within it, there exists an unknown civilization, where man has never been.  A startling new world, where time and distance defy the laws of logic."
This will the sharpest photo of the Encom 511 computer you will ever see.... Why is that? Because I recreated it from the original trailer when the camera zooms in on it and pans up.  I had to screen capture it in 3 parts and stitch them together.
Also included are original shots from the trailer.
So the original trailer I used to get these photos was the sharpest I could find but had a pink hue to it. That trailer is no longer on youtube, all that is up now is the trailer with the proper colors, but no sharp version is available unfortunately.
I've have also added this photo in the ENCOM wiki for preservation:

I've been looking at old mainframe computers trying to find a tape drive that looks similar to the Encom 511 supercomputer's. So far the closest I've found is the IBM 7330.
Check out the Encom 511 mainframe computers on both sides of the tape drive. 
Look at all that computing power!!!

Tron 1982 TV Trailer
An original 1982 television promo for writer-director Steven Lisberger's ground-breaking science fiction fantasy, starring Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan, David Warner, and Barnard Hughes.

I used to work at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood and we did a huge electronic music event with top DJ's from the UK. Party went on until the early morning hours....I ran all the live visual on this massive LED video wall.
So I ended the party proper!

Ever wanted to talk like the MCP? Check out these links to do it yourself!
An interview with Frank Serafine (via Tron Wiki)
How to sound like The Master Control Program from TRON (1982) Using Audacity

This is a cool song by Bedford Level Experiment, made by Robin from (8-Bit Show And Tell). Released for Tron Week, leading up to the 35th anniversary of Tron on July 9th, 2017.
It's an analysis (in song) of whether Bit is really a bit.

This article was a hard one to find!

Listening to my 180 gram remastered double LP gate-fold transparent blue vinyl limited edition #2913 pressing of the original Tron soundtrack by Wendy Carlos.

Harrison Ellenshaw's vast ENCOM Cubical Farm from TRON (1982) which for some inexplicable reason used up only around 2/3rds of the actual painting, which would have worked better using the whole painting.
Well in May 1st, 2020 Disney+ aired "Prop Culture" and season 1 episode 2 was Tron.  In the episode they went into the Disney Vaults and pulled out the original matte painting that Harrison Ellenshaw made. Here is it.
After watching this amazing episode, I got inspired to do something special. I spent 3 hours in restoring Harrison Ellenshaw's amazing matte painting. This is what the matte painting should of looked like by using the entire frame. I used 4 different photo sources and some photoshop to create this.
I had to stitch all the photos together and did major color correction to blend them all. Also had to do tons of touching up to blend them all together.
Now we can all eat some of Alan's popcorn and enjoy this beauty!

I think it came out pretty good. In fact word got out in the Tron forums what I did and Harrison Ellenshaw commented about it! What an honor!

In case you've never caught the director of TRON's Stephen Lisberger cameo appearance inside Flynn's Arcade! I have enhanced the photo.
Here he is!

The printout at the end of the film that proves Flynn's contentions of theft against Dillinger, including that Kevin Flynn's middle initial is O.
Greetings Programs!!

Tron featured in Omni Magazine July 1982!
To Download:

Whiz Kid on the cover playing Tron on the premier February 1983 issue of Blip "The Video Game Magazine".

Tron featured in the March 1983 Blip "The Video Games Magazine".

Here is a Tron article focusing on the "Sound Of Tron.... interviewing Frank Serafine. He discusses making sounds on his Atari 800 and Apple II that was used in the movie. Atari also lent him Atari Sound Development Disk, a well-guarded, powerful utility package rarely entrusted to anyone outside Atari itself.

The "Sound Of Tron" from the 1982 Compute! issue interviewing Tron sound designer Frank Serafine. He discusses making sounds on his Atari 800 and that Atari lent him Atari Sound Development Disk, that nobody but Atari used. Well I was digging deep and found the program. Greetings Programs!! Yes! Yes! Yes!
In 1986...4 years later after that issue printed... Compute! Magazine finally had Atari release that prized program....
and here it is... in full-on Atari basic.
"Atari Sound Development System" It includes 3 programs.
or download it here:

Here is Frank holding a cup with the Atari 800 in the studio as he was working on Tron.

Found another great Tron article:
Tron: Computer Technology Goes Hollywood (May, 1982)
from Interface Age Magazine

Flynn uses his Apple III at home to hack into Master Control Program of his former employer Encom and run the CLU program that he hopes will uncover evidence of Dillinger's crimes.
Note the acoustic modem and Silentype printer on top of the Apple III and the Disk II disk drive to the side.
The little-remembered Apple III was intended to be for business use what the Apple II had become for personal use. At a price of $7800 the system came with 128K of RAM, a huge amount for 1980, and used an operating system called SOS (Sophisticated Operating System). SOS may have been its greatest drawback, as the operating system was difficult to learn, and little application software was written for it. The Apple III used a thermal printer called the Silentype, notable for its quiet operation compared to the noisy impact printers of the time.

Check out the dual security cameras, overlooking the Master Control Program desk in Dillinger's office.
In the movie, the MCP doesn't trust Dillinger and doesn't obey anymore.
I think that it wants to keep an eye on Dillinger in case he decides to shut the computer down.

This is a video that was found in the Films In Focus VHS Vault. It's called "Computer Realities" and features the computers that were used to animate the movie Tron.
Something most people won't know about that image in the Youtube thumbnail frame there, when Flynn is traveling down to the Game Grid and you see that digital landscape, that was made by photographing a B&W display.
Vector displays didn't have color so to achieve this end result the animation was photographed frame by frame off the Evans & Sutherland Picture System display with colored filters, one at a time. Then they'd roll the film back and do it again, building up a color image.

Another Tron article in Starlog

"Stage 4" is where Tron was filmed inside the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank California.

The MCP's original form as a chess program shown at the end of the movie. Using an Oliver typewriter Model 3.
The MCP started small and he’ll end small...
Like the rest of the movie there’s a big Wizard of Oz vibe to this scene with the MCP as the “man behind the curtain”, his scary giant head just a sham.
Dr. Walter Gibbs (Dumont):
"Yes I'm old. Old enough to remember when the MCP was just a chess program!"
So at the end of the film...the MCP has been reduced back to a chess program.

The Tron Video Game Tournament in 1982!

Behind the scenes: filming "Tron" at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Computers Are People Too! (1982)
A Disney produced documentary released on May 1982. Here you get a sneak preview of Tron which was to be released in theaters in August of that same year.
There are some really early Tron scenes here with all the old sound effects that where later replaced. There is an interview with director Steven Lisberger and Co-Supervisor of special effects Richard Taylor.
More info here:

Tron 2.0 - The Complete Video Game Soundtrack

Here's an advertisement for the Tron original soundtrack, by Wendy Carlos & Journey.

TRON Motion Picture Soundtrack by Wendy Carlos (1982) LP

The famous Starlog issue.

Tron of the year!!! On the cover of this famous Electronic Games magazine issue!!

The Strokes - 12:51 (Music Video)

Copy of the Tron script

Hard to find Issue #376 of Rolling Stone (1982)

Tron Arcade Brochure

Discs Of Tron Arcade Brochure

Here is a bizarre article I found.