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Here is a video project I've been wanting to do for a while. Here is the ultra rare:
Journey - Only Solutions (Rare Extended 12" Version)
This is not the version on the Tron Original Soundtrack LP, but the version used in the movie.... you have to listen closely. You won't hear this anywhere else...Enjoy!
There are two versions, each one is tweaked out with different clips added.

It's the 35th Anniversary of Disney's TRON!!
NERDS LIKE US brings you this special midnight screening series that takes over the lovely Vista Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The Vista Theatre is one of the last remaining single-screen art-house theatres in the city.  Sajtron has gone to all the special screenings held in LA and brings you this video coverage with some movie highlights.....End Of Line

Tron 70mm Screening @ Aero Theatre with Director Steven Lisberger - March 5th 2011

Tron Legacy US World Premiere & After-Party @ El Capitan Theatre Hollywood

Saj Inside The Tron Grid!

SajTron making his appearance at the End Of Line Club inside Flynn's Arcade at Comic-Con 2010!!

The Making of Tron Legacy

The Key of Awesome! : TRON GIRL! Key of Awesome #25

Tron Jeremy - Porn King

The 1982 Tron Holiday Special

Game-On Playboy Tron Cyber Photoshoot

TRON: Legacy - "Derezzed" Music Video by Daft Punk

Tron Legacy - Projection Mapping - London Southbank

Tron Legacy Premiere After Party - Tate Modern London

Tron Legacy After Party - Tate Modern London Great music in the background!

Tron Legacy Movie After Party - Space People - Tate Modern London

Tron Legacy Premiere - Afterparty - Kodak Theatre Ballroom Hollywood
This short clip is loud & distorted, bring volume down.

Original Tron - Modern Trailer

Tron Reboot : Episode 01

Tron Reboot : Episode 03

Tron Reboot : Episode 05

TR2N This was the original video that someone leaked out from Comic Con 2008 that went viral and made all Tron fans go nuts! The video later got taken down by Disney, but this one still remains.

This is the the Tron 2.0 video that went viral in it's full resolution with the Tron Legacy logo at the end.

Great video! Feels like your back at the arcade in 82'!!