Audio Vaults

Welcome to the Audio Vaults. Here we have DJ mixes that I have done...ranging from progressive house, drum & bass, tech house, and live recordings. All mixes are displayed in chronological order. At the very bottom is a section called South Florida Audio I will post some oldschool DJ mixtapes and radio broadcasts that I enjoyed.

Coming soon...the long awaited new DJ mix from Saj.....
(This mix was supposed to come out in 2011, it's still unreleased... one day I will release it.)
Get ready to submerge in some deep melodic progressive.

Sneak peak of the DJ mix "Time Frame"

An unreleased DJ mix exclusive that was made especially for the "Dancing Mantis" out there!

The Atari was my first computer system in the 80's, but it wasn't until I got a Commodore 64 that I really fell in love with it's unique analog sound...The MOS 6581 SID Chip!! Get ready for some 8-Bit style.

This recording was my DJ set on opening night of "SEQUENCE", a summer event series I did with special guest
16 Bit Lolitas on 5-26-10 at downtown LA's Seven Bar & Lounge.
You can also visit the SEQUENCE site for past show recordings HERE.
To hear the rest of the night:
DJ's Davi & 16 Bit Lolitas Click HereClick Here

First hour recorded live at "Moment", a deep progressive night one-off in Hollywood at the Grafton On Sunset Hotel @ the Olive Lounge. Dj's on rotation in the mix Saj & Sean Lazarus.

A digital recording is just a sequence of numbers. Easily quantifiable as ones and zeros, stored on physical media, combined together into larger numbers to form a continuous stream of data.
Until you listen to it.........Then it becomes real. 

  Video promo of "Peaks & Slopes"

Imagine you're 8,000 ft. at the peak of an exotic mountain breathe the pristine virgin fresh put on your stylish designer goggles and gaze can feel the anticipation of the journey that awaits you...the adrenaline circulates...your perception now the extravagant strings come into your senses as you enter the second composition of the mix and commence descending down the glacis now embark on an excursion of sensational frequencies, seductive beats, and gorgeous melodies... Your escapade epilogues leisurely with an absolute composition that uplifts you even higher than prior, elevating you back to the summit for another desirable voyage.

Saj getting deep with some drum & bass business! With his high standards in track selections and creating a perfect flow of energy, this mix will be on heavy rotation in your system!

Get ready to submerge yourself in this ultra deep progressive exclusive mix! Two weeks in the making until it came out to my perfection! I hope you enjoy on it, download it, pump it up, get lost in it!

Recorded live at the Lithium Party during the Winter Music Conference 2001 in Miami. DJ Saj (aka Racer X) throwing down a massive DJ set along side allstar MC's Casper, Five-O, and Fierless.

A classic Tech House mix Part 1, recorded in the year 2000.

Here we have Part 2 of this classic Tech House mix, recorded in the year 2000.

Welcome to the South Florida Audio Vaults.....presented by SAJTRON. Starting off with the first recording I made of Mary's House radio show that aired every Friday night on FIU's 90.5 FM WVUM. I started recording these radio shows during my college years in 1994....being young and hungry for electronic music, not knowing where this broadcast was coming from, I would drive south of Ft. Lauderdale towards Miami where the signal became stronger. I then pulled over off the 826 freeway and into a parking area next to some warehouses.  I would then park, open my sunroof, turn on my portable JVC boombox that I brought, tuned in to Mary's House and hit record.  I would do this every week the show aired.  While I recorded the show I would do my homework in the car that I had for my college classes.  One night the tenant from the warehouse I used to park at called the cops because I was a suspicious car parking there every week.  When the cop asked me what I was doing, I said that I am just doing my homework and recording a radio station I liked and couldn't get a strong signal from Ft. Lauderdale.  He laughed and didn't believe me at first of what I was saying, but then realized I was right when he looked in my car and saw the boombox and college books!  So he eventually told me I couldn't park there anymore, and that ended my Mary's House recordings.  I was able to record about 8 to 10 shows. I will be posting them one by one as I dig them up and find them. Mary's House was a one-of-kind underground radio show that aired on college radio and was the only source for electronic music at the time. DJ Louis always played great quality progressive house and Mary as the host having great weekly guest spots!
  Sorry for the audio quality... these tapes are very old and deteriorating. 
Please spread this link to friends that were fans of this show.
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