In the 90's Saj Awan & Ryan Scott collaborated together throwing raves and events in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Years later Ryan moved to NY with his growing internet company Netcreations and Saj ran his underground record shop Resonance Records.

As the internet boom hit...Ryan's company grew really fast and went public while Saj's Resonance Records went to online mail-order. As the 90's were coming to a close, with Ryan's huge financial success they decided to team up again and open up their first nightclub, so the hunt began in NYC. Mayor Giuliani was running town at the time and was shutting down all the good clubs... The Tunnel... Twilo's... etc. They decided it was not a good idea to do this in NY. So Saj had this crazy idea to move into a mansion in Beverly Hills and put a nightclub inside of it... like the Playboy Mansion. Ryan liked the idea and both flew to Cali to start looking for the location. Four days of looking and the only decent home they liked was NBA's legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar house.

The only thing good it had though was a racquetball room that could be turned into an nightclub, but the rest of the house was made for a super tall person and wasn't very soundproof. One more house was on the list to see, but it was way more expensive and in the Hollywood Hills area. The owner was throwing a party that day too, so it was a great opportunity to check it out. It was a 8 minute drive up the curvy Hollywood Hills...but wow what an explosive view when they got to the very top! They arrived at 2260 Sunset Plaza Drive and the current owner was Dr. Winky from club DV8 fame.

The house was high-tech, modern, soundproof, very was like a Fortress! They both already knew this was the place they were looking for and both agreed that "The Fortress" was the perfect name for it in less than a month...Ryan purchased the home and they moved in!

It was the year 2000...a great way to start the new millennium! Ryan kept running his internet business in NY while Saj started designing and building the nightclub inside this amazing spectacular home. 

This place was made to entertain was just unbelievable.  It was a 6 month project to design the dream nightclub with things that Saj saw in Miami throughout his DJ career.....Since the beginning of the rave scene he was fascinated with everything made by High End lighting and also discovered the brand new EAW Avalon system just installed in Club Space in downtown Miami.

Those metallic metal grills are what caught his eye and they sounded great! Saj teamed up with E3 to do the install and the project started to commence...but there was a problem.  The EAW Avalon speakers had to be made when you placed the order, it would take three months until delivery time. 

In the meantime, Saj started designing the lighting rig and installed all High End lighting...Technobeams...Studio Spots...Dataflashes...F-100 Fogger.  He used Martin Lightjockey for DMX lighting control and Pangolin for the full color water-cooled laser system that was custom built by some crazy guy that was flown in from San Francisco. 

A huge monolith tower was created to show off the power using Crown Macro-Tech series amplifiers and their digital IQ processor. Saj wanted the crowd to see the amps in action so he installed Furman VU meters in between each amp so you could see the levels going through them. It's exciting when you can visually see the power driving the sound. 

  6 - EAW Avalon DC2 3-way full range speakers
  4 - EAW Avalon DCS2 subwoofers
  2 - EAW Avalon DCT1 supertweeters
  6 - Crown Macro-Tech 2402 amplifiers
  5 - Crown Macro-Tech 1202 amplifiers
  1 - Crown Macro-Tech 602 amplifier
  1 - Crown IQ USM-810 digital processor  
12 - Furman VU-40 LED audio meters
  2 - Furman PL8 power conditioners

DJ Booth:
  1 - Rane MP22z DJ mixer
  1 - Pioneer CMX5000 dual CD player (CDJ-1000 didn't come out yet)
  2 - Technics 1200 MKII turntables
  2 - EAW JFK series DJ monitors
  2 - Ultimate Support Speaker Stands
  1 - Odyssey DJ Booth Coffin & Stand

  4 - High End Technobeams
  2 - High End Studio Spots
  2 - High End Studio Colors
  4 - High End Dataflash Strobes with controller
  1 - High End F-100 Fog Machine with controller
  1 - Martin Lightjockey DMX Software
  1 - Martin 2532 Direct Access Controller
  1 - Custom Full Color white light water-cooled laser with 3-phase power
  1 - Pangolin Laser Controller

Here are some of the more memorable projects that Saj was able to be involved in while living at The Fortress: