Sajtron brings you a remix for the 40th year anniversary of the best selling computer of all time.

         The Commodore 64! 

Remixing the all time classic "Keeping Up With The Commodore" Australian commercial and featuring the famous Jim Butterfield training tape from the early 80's.

This remix was made for the love of the Commodore 64 computer and for all the fans worldwide.

This is the "C.L.A.S.S. Video Edition". 

Released on June 25th, 2022 for the Commodore Los Angeles Super Show held in California.

Gear used to make this remix: C64 (modded), C64C (modded), SX-64, Mssiah, Cynthcart, FastFingers II, Station64, InSIDious, ACID Pro and Vegas Pro.

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Future Video Version (In The Works)
"Calling All Commodore Fans, Coders, Gamers, Demosceners, Chiptuners, GFX Artists....etc...."
I am gonna be making another version of this video. If you would like to be in the video all you have to do is make the iconic "Commodore Salute" and have your awesome Commodore 64, C64C, C128, or SX-64 in the background as seen on this video.  Your kids are also welcome to do the salute!  Upload your video clip to Google Drive or Dropbox and send me the download link to:
If enough entries are submitted by Commodore fans, you should see a new version of the video with you in it sometime in September 2022 as a tribute of celebrating Commodore 64's 40th year anniversary!  The sooner you submit your entry the better chance you will have to be on the video as there will be limited space.
Videos will be accepted from all over the world. Don't be afraid to get creative and have fun! 
Tell all your Commodore friends to get in on it too!