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This section showcases some of the fun projects Saj has been involved in, a documentary of his early rave DJing days, some bonus extra videos he created, and the Tron section. You will have to click twice on some of the video clips to play.

On Saturday October 2nd, 2021 at CRX (Commodore Retro Expo), a Commodore chip music showcase called Bit-Scape was held.  Electric Gypsy & Sajtron collaborated on this years artist line-up putting together a track called "Can't Stop The Future". This track tells a story of the early days of computing and a trip into the daunting future of A.I. This track showcases sounds from the Commodore 64 and other classic vintage synths.

Released exclusively on Saturday December 5th, during the virtual "World Of  Commodore" 2020 held in Toronto Canada. Thanks to Leif Bloomquist for putting on a great show and supporting Commodore 64 chip music.  
Sajtron's newest track "Chip Drop" pushes the envelope and explores the depths of the 8-Bit sound taking it into the deep. 
If you explore it in detail you may find the hidden C64 game SFX easter egg....

BIT-SCAPE Las Vegas, being held during the Commodore Retro eXpo on August 29th, 2020. Held as a virtual event doing a Commodore chip music showcase during CRX.
Sajtron takes you on a 22 minute performance. A journey through the world of the SID chip reaching the outer limits.......
Enter "Planet SID"..... A  five piece movement in the 70's style of
Tangerine Dreams & Jean Michael-Jarre.

So everybody is doing live DJ streaming due to the Corona Virus 2020 lockdown. I've decided to do one as well, but with a twist. Get ready to travel back to 1992...the early days a rave music. I bring you Frequency. Playing all vinyl set recorded on an 80's Sony Betamax video camera and the Newtek Video Toaster. Bringing you some rave crowd vibes with nostalgic analog video footage to get that true 1992 vibe. I used to DJ back in the rave days under DJ Racer X here we go!

Been in quarantine for 2 weeks now during the CoronaVirus pandemic here in Las Vegas. I had to leave my residence to pick up some essentials, but I had an idea to take a drive down the Las Vegas Strip and film the desolation caused by the CoronaVirus outbreak. Join me as we take a drive....

Video shot on March 29th, 2020 by Sajtron

This is Part 1 of my highlights of CES (Consumer Electronic
Show) 2020 in Las Vegas. Enjoy the future!!

Part 2 of my CES 2020 (Consumer Electronic Show) highlights here in Las Vegas. The biggest show in the world showcasing what’s coming in the future! I was there on all 4 days! 
The biggest thing this year was the Avatar Car from Mercedes-Benz!

Saturdays at the Beer Garden at the iconic Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas
we have the Concert Series 2016.
Here we have a video of me catching the magic as I run the soundboard for these cool indie bands!

Sajtron providing music and lighting at Mondo Atomica, located at Atomic Style Lounge on Main Street Las Vegas!
Space-Age Pop, Surf Music, and Exotica music all mixed up with a Striptease Burlesque show and a live Surf Music band along with a mixture of vintage lighting. Thanks to David & Jenn of Atomic Style Lounge for throwing such a great party!

One of the best underground nights in Las Vegas...Techno Taco Tuesday.
DJ Steve Mulder (Netherlands) on the decks on this special event and Sajtron (NightDesigners) on visuals.  
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Sajtron showcasing live Visuals, Sound & Lighting at Beachers Madhouse at the
MGM Grand Las Vegas and Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood.
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In the summer of 2015 I attended my very first CommVEx show in Las Vegas Nevada. It was a great experience, loved the community, and it was great to use old Commodore computers again. Here you will see some retro hardware, software, and the full Q&A panel with Bil Herd creator of the Commodore 128 and Leonard Tramiel, son of Jack Tramiel who founded Commodore Computers. All done in a retro style that will make you feel like your back in the 80's loading up a program you just got and seeing the wonderful sights & sounds the C64 is famous for!

Sajtron giving some props to CommVEx on Saturday night after the first night of the yearly Commodore convention. Shot inside the Beachers Madhouse located at MGM Grand of Las Vegas.

Working on the set of Nip/Tuck creating the club scene and also having a cameo DJ appearance.

A documentary of how Saj became DJ Racer X. See vintage rave footage and experience the intense Racer X themed song!! For those of you that never saw him DJ back in the days with the Racer X costume, now is your chance! It's 1993...Saj is DJ Racer X.

Get ready to see this astrological beauty! Filmed on August 28, 2007 in Downtown Los Angeles on top of South Park Lofts. I made this cool video of this spectacular could really feel the connection with the moon, it's pretty amazing!
This video got some attention from CNN 360!

Shot in Taipei, Taiwan with my friend DJ Thomas Penton headlining at Ministry Of Sound. What a party!

In 2006 I worked on the episode of Monk with special guest Snoop Dogg! I'm on set....I did all the nightclub lighting for the scene. Check out this exclusive footage shot at the Ivar Nightclub! BTW, Snoop Dog was high as a muthaf***!

On set with P. Diddy for his music video "Through The Pain" creating the club scene.

Tron Section
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